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I've finally got back to working on Cave of Programming. So far I've switched my Spring Boot project to use Thymeleaf instead of Velocity, and got websockets working (with a view to implementing chat). New videos hopefully coming soon!
Thank you everyone for your support and reviews and feedback! You're always welcome to email me on john@caveofprogramming.com and should get a reply from me in time, unless my email gets bounced or something! And you can also leave comments below.
It's been a while since I've answered questions on courses themselves (rather than emails). I'm looking into running Cave of Programming as a company rather than as a sole trader, which would make it a lot easier to hire people to answer questions. Cave of Programming isn't hiring yet, but may be soon .... watch this space!
-- John Purcell, 9th August, 2017

A Selection of My Courses ...

Here's a selection of the video courses I offer. You can find a complete listing of all my courses here.

Spring Framework 3.2 Course

Learn Spring 3.2 (includes Spring 4.2 PDF)

An introduction to Spring and building websites with Spring. Covers basic Spring apps and concepts, the Spring MVC web framework, using Hibernate and more.

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Spring Boot: Create a Social Network

Learn the Spring MVC web framework by creating a social network using Spring Boot. Discover how Spring Boot enables you to get websites up and running with Spring with a minimum of fuss.

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MySQL and SQL from Beginner to Advanced

Learn the world's most popular open source relational database, used by millions of website around the world. This courses teaches you SQL and database design from the ground up to advanced.

View details

Java Web Basics with Servlets and JSPs

Find out how to use your Java skills to create dynamic websites using servlets (specialised Java classes) and how to combine HTML with dynamic code using JSPs.

View details

Mastering Java Swing (Desktop)

Take your basic Java skills to the next level and learn how to write desktop apps using the most popular Java GUI library, Swing. Also covers basic database interaction.

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Advanced C++

If you've got basic C++ skills and want to improve your knowledge of C++, or if you learned C++ a while ago and want to learn about the features added in C++ 11, this course is for you.

View details

Learn Perl 5 By Doing It

A practical introduction to the Perl language. Learn how to use regular expressions and how to parse and download data, and how to import and export data to and from databases, and more.

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Java for Complete Beginners

My most popular free course, introducing you to computer programming using the Java language. Discover the Java language in easy steps.

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