If you want to contact us for any reason, please choose one of the following options.

For technical questions, please go to answers.caveofprogramming.com

You can alternatively directly email support@caveofprogramming.com with technical questions, refund requests, questions about sales, subscriptions or viewing videos, etc.

These options are monitored by both myself and a team of freelancers, who as of September 2017 are still working through a question backlog, but soon they'll be up to speed!

If you want to email me personally about anything other than an actual programming question -- if you're looking for advice or just want to say hello, you can do so at john.purcell@caveofprogramming.com

I reply to all emails that don't look like spam, but I get a lot of mail and occasionally one goes AWOL, so if you don't hear back from me within a few days, I beg your indulgence and request you to send it again.