Android TextView and Button

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Hello friends in this tutorial we are working with android Textview and Button controls and controlling Android view elements programmatically.

Before we start

  1. You have Eclipse IDE setup for android development.

  2. You are familiar with simple Android Hello World program.

You can find our Hello World Tutorial Here Hello World

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Step1. Create new android project


Step2.Run app

We run our app with out any changes made in it. You see following similar windows when you came Eclipse IDE.


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Just run this on app you see following window on AVD.


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Step 3.Graphical display and XML file

Come back to Eclipse IDE and click on xml tab near graphical layout tab


You see xml fileART2_image5

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Textview is responsible to display text in android activity.

We look closely to textview we see


Its good practices to move details of your user interface to property files.

The ”@strring/helloworld” isn’t the stringit self but rather the pointer into a string property file.

Step 4.String.xml file

Open string.xml file


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Now you see

<string name="helloworld">Hello world!</string>

helloworld is name of  string and Hello world! Is value of this string

Let’s add new string in resource file.

Click on resource tab

Click add button and select string and press enter

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I give name = multiLineText

And value  = This\nis\nMutiline\nText

\n is used for displaying text on next line.

Step 5: Modifying activity file

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save file and run project.

you see following window

<a href=http://localhost:4000/uploads/2013/12/ART2image8.png>ART2_image8

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Step6: Adding button

Open activity xml file in graphical mode

Drag and drop Button from Palette.

You can find Button under Form Widget.

Drag it and place it under text


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Open xml file you see new <button> under <TextView>

Step7: Assign name to button

Since we not assign any name to button. Let’s give name to button

Go to String.xml and add new string

<string name="buttonClickString">Click Me!</string>

Your String.xml file looks like this


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 Save file and open activity xml file


        android:text="@string/buttonClickString" />

place @string/buttonClickString text save file.

To check effect run project.  You see button under text like this.


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If you click on button nothing happen because we not assign any functionality to it. Let’s add some functionality to button.  

Step8: Adding functionality to button.

Its time to start making  the Button Work. There is an attribute on the button view just for this purpose called android:onClick. The Value for the attribute is the name of the action you want to use.

Add android:onClicked property to Button. Give is a value of onButtonClicked to be descriptive of what the Button supposed to do.

Run app and clicked button you get following error message


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This is because we not yet write onButtonClicked java method.

Step9: Writing onButtonClicked method

Open file

You find it under src->com->


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We need to define method like this

public void onButtonClicked(View view)

also we need to import package

import android.view.View

Write empty method your code file looks like this


Run your app now you don’t get any error.

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Now its time to hide text on button click.

Step 10.Hide text on click

Past following code inside OnButtonClick method

public void onButtonClicked(View view)


            TextView txtview = (TextView) findViewById(;



Run app and click on button you see text get hidden


After click