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Multimedia Java Android 4.0 Apps

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Master Multimedia, Photos, Maps and Databases
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What You Will Learn In This Course

This course teaches you how to create Android 4.0 apps, assuming only a knowledge of core Java. In this course I'll develop two complete Android apps right in front of your eyes.

We'll delve into all the most important aspects of basic Android Java programming; covering everything from buttons to lists, from databases to animation.

We'll examine the basic structure of Android apps, using layouts and widgets, using the camera and working with images, using asynchronous tasks to keep your app running smoothly, and much more besides.

After completing this course and trying out the code for yourself, you'll be able to develop and publish complex apps, including serious data-driven apps and simple games.

90 Tutorial Videos With In-Depth Explanation

  • Setting up your system with Eclipse ADT
  • Using layouts
  • Working with images and touch coordinates
  • Using layouts
  • Storing data using files, preferences and databases
  • Taking and using photos
  • Creating styles and themes
  • Server communication using JSON
  • Working with fragments
  • Creating Google Map Applications
  • Games and animation
  • Publishing your app in the Google Play Store
  • Source code of all completed projects
  • Lifetime access and all videos downloadable

What Subscribers Are Saying About the Android 4.0 Tutorial ....

Wonderful, thorough introduction to Android Programming

I recommend this as well as all of John's courses. They cover a lot of ground in an easy to follow way, and a good pace. I have gone through other introductory Android courses on Udemy, but Cave of Programming's was the most helpful.

Great Course! Very thorough and detailed.

If you are new to Android programming, this course covers everything, and will give you a good understanding of basic elements. Helps to build a solid foundation to learn more advanced techniques to create great Android apps. Thanks John Purcell!

Thanks a lot John

Thanks a lot to John for this course ... I have been wanting to get into android for a very long time but did not know how to start ... ... within a month and half I have launched my first app. This course teaches you what you need to know without any overdose of information.

Anything by John Purcell is GOLD.

John teaches in a way that's like a friend showing you how to do things. His videos are very easy to follow and understand ... This course is great for a beginner because it touches on areas you absolutely need to learn and it gets your feet wet with android programming. Thanks a lot John! Your teaching is helping me to make my dreams come true. This course is WELL worth the money.