Learn Perl By Doing It

Learn Perl by actually creating useful, working Perl programs for
everything from web scraping to fixing your data.
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What You Will Learn In This Course

This course teaches you how to write robust and effective programs using the Perl programming language. I'll show you how to take your existing programming skills in any other language and apply them to Perl.

You'll discover the power of regular expressions and how to use Perl's built-in support for manipulating and processing data.

We'll examine Perl step-by-step, starting with basic regular expressions, downloading data from websites and working with files, and moving on to advanced regular expressions, working with XML and databases and even an intro to creating websites in Perl.

Perl stands for "Practical Extraction and Report Language; you can use Perl to automate tasks that may otherwise consume hundreds of hours of work, to get data from the web and into and out of databases, transform data from one format to another, correct mistakes and to report statistics on your data.

After completing this course and trying out the code for yourself, you'll be able to effectively use practical Perl and regular expressions.

66 Tutorial Videos With In-Depth Explanation

  • Using regular expressions
  • Downloading text and data
  • Finding, moving, copying, reading and writing files
  • Data structures in Perl
  • Reading CSV and XML
  • Connecting to databases
  • Using modules and the basics of OO Perl
  • Creating simple web apps
  • Creating robust scripts and processing command line arguments
  • Complete source code of all projects included
  • Lifetime access and all videos downloadable

What Subscribers Are Saying About Learn Perl by Doing It ....

Awesome foundation for Perl

I may potentially need to do Perl for work one of these days and so i thought i'd take this class. Man, it's pretty awesome and John gets straight to the point with his tutorials. I have had a pretty easy time with all the videos so far because i have a background in Unix shell scripting and c++ programming. But even without such a background these videos are great for picking up Perl.

A hands-on course presented perfectly

I've been trying to understand Perl for quite some time. Johns approach is very special. Right from the start he is just hands-on and everything gets explained as much as needed. He even makes small mistakes, corrects them and explains why such things can happen. You notice quickly that he has years of Perl experience and that everything he shows will work in practice. I especially enjoyed the regex lectures which were not the usual abstract guru talks.


Hello John you are one of the best instructors I ever seen, maybe for your experience keep up the good work, anyone seeing my comment I recommend to take all courses that John and believe it the best of the best.

Excited to Learn Perl

Reviving some programming knowledge I learned with SQL years ago and glad to see Perl is not so foreign to me. John has a great teaching method, making it easy and fun to learn, and more importantly, wanting to learn more. A wealth of knowledge in John's courses and web site.