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Desktop Java Apps

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Master Swing Widgets, Databases and Animation
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What You Will Learn In This Course

This course teaches you how to create desktop Java apps using Java's built-in GUI toolkit, Swing, assuming only a knowledge of core Java. In this course I'll develop two complete Swing apps right in front of your eyes.

We'll cover nearly all the major standard Swing widgets, developing an app that lets you store and view data in a database, complete with forms and dialogs; we'll also explore the Java graphics API with a simple animation demo including collision detection.

The course covers all the tricky aspects of Swing that flummox beginners, breaking everything down into easy steps. We'll cover the observer pattern, MVC architecture, events, tables, trees, dialogs and much more.

After completing this course and trying out the code for yourself, you'll be able to develop sophisticated desktop apps, including serious data-driven apps and simple games.

88 Tutorial Videos With In-Depth Explanation

  • Nearly all major components, from buttons to toolbars, lists to tables
  • Using layouts
  • Understanding events and the observer pattern
  • Working with databases using JDBC
  • Custom components and renderers
  • Using the graphics API
  • Setting the look and feel
  • Images and icons
  • Tables and data
  • Loading and saving
  • Multithreading in Swing
  • Creating runnable jars
  • Complete source code for every single video
  • Lifetime access and all videos downloadable

What Subscribers Are Saying About the Java Swing Tutorial ....

Complete, thorough and very well taught

John is a very good teacher. I like the way he explains things and his English is very clear. In this course John covers every topic I needed him to cover, plus some others I didn't even know they existed but they were so important I ended up using them. I have already finished this course and I was able to create my own GUI App. I ended up with an App that fits my needs, and this course's layout made it super-easy to comeback to a specific topic when my memory failed on me.

The BEST GUI course - Very much recommended for new Java learners.

This is the best and very in detail GUI for Java course I am learning A LOT just by following the instruction. Very much recommended for new Java learners.

Highly recommended

This is the second course I've taken by John. Its very well laid out, and the modular building of the application is a great way to learn. Not only has this furthered my Java skills, but my development skills in general.

Amazing course.

I have strong background in java, overall with web applications technologies but I never found a good way to learn Java Swing for desktop applications. This course is a wonderful way to learn swing because it's not just a course with basic samples, but also gives you advice about how to build your applications in the proper way by avoiding tightly coupling or using design patterns like MVC, Pool connections, Factory method, Value Objects, etc