This page contains some links to things that I've found useful while creating this site, or that may interest you.

Note, some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy a product or service I get some cash at no extra cost to you. So .... thanks!

Online Tutors

Yoel Fisher offers tuition in Java, Php, Web devlopment (html, css, js), jQuery, Wordpress (plugin/theme development). He also teaches game development in Java (slick2d) and JavaScript (phaser.js). and can teach graphic design with Illustrator and/or Photoshop.

Aakash Ahmed offers tuition in jQuery, PHP, web development, developing Wordpress themes, Shopify themes and app development: contact him at Aakash Ahmed or Skype him with Skype ID: AakashAhmed18

"I took his java class and it was super useful and a great 1st experience into learning Programming language. His communication skills were excellent before I purchased the class, he was responsive and answered all my questions during the class. I would highly recommend this tutor for beginners and anyone that has questions about java."

Nihar Patil offers tuition in core Java and Selenium: contact him at Nihar Patil or via Skype at Skype ID: Niharp111

Pratap Kumar offers 1-to-1 training via Skype in Java, C++, C and Oracle, including Spring, Hibernate and SCJP/OCJP preparation; contact him at

Usman Raza offers training in VB.NET and C# for only $12 an hour via Skype: contact him at Usman Raza or via Skype at Skype ID: usman.khan8310

Please email me at if you have any feedback about these tutors.

Java Books: Best Books for Learning Java

Check out Subham Mittal's article here, listing some of the best Java books: Best Books for Learning Java

Courses by Others

Learn HTML5/PHP/AJAX Web Programming from Scratch; An amazing course from Dr. Richard Stibbard. Usually I only promote my own courses, but this course is very impressive, so I cut a deal with Dr. Stibbard; You can also find Richard's website here

Learn Cross-Platform Mobile App Development A former client of a mine by the name of Dan, an Irish software developer and trainer with 20 years' experience, has created this fantastic course, which shows you how to develop phone apps using Javascript (not Java, but a bit similar!) with Appcelerator Titanium (free).

Create a site like this one!

Web hosting: This is the web host that this site uses. For the first three years of its life, this site used their shared hosting package at about $42 a year. In 2013 I moved to their cloud hosting package, which lets me host unlimited websites. Their support is lightning-fast and I highly recommend them.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress: this is the premium WordPress theme that I used to create the last version of this site. I spent a few days customising the theme to get the current look, which was intimidating at first, but thanks to Thesis, easy enough once I got into it. Now, however, I've recreated the entire site in plain HTML using Jekyll and Twitter Bootstrap.


Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast is about making money online. I discovered this after my courses become popular, and I found that I was already doing a lot of what Pat suggests; so I can attest that it works. I wish I'd found this podcast a long time ago. In particular, Pat recommends giving away a lot of stuff for free and leaving out the hard sell; sentiments that I wholly agree with. It's better to make a living by giving people what they want and need, than to badger them with overblown adverts; that way you're improving the Internet instead of taking from it.


Oracle Java Trails A great free resource for learning Java.